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Spolupráce Auto TOPRA a JABLOTRON

Auto TOPRA was involved in the development of car alarm Jablotron Athos.
As the one of the leading companies in car security we have worked on developing a new car alarm Jablotron Athos directly with the producer Jablotron. We tested the test unit more than a year on our vehicles, we send reports and suggestions for improvements to manufacturers. Then arised top quality especially at least faulty at the Czech market car alarm Jablotron Athos.

Jablotron Athos CA-1802 Athos – GSM alarm / pager

Autoalarm Jablotron Athos s integrovaným GSM komunikátorem.

Autoalarm Jablotorn CA-1802

GSM car alarm Jablotron ATHOS CA-1802 combines security car alarm, immobilizer and information transfer to a mobile phone. Car alarm can be controlled by remote control or by an original car remote control. There is also the possibility of the control from mobile phones via text messages or simply dialing.

Car alarm responds to doors opening, turning the key at the ignition, opening the trunk or hood and to switched on appliance in the vehicle (voltage fall). The wireless detector can be assorted to the car alarm. It can guard the car interior and exterior (garage, caravan, etc.). You can regulate a delay mode for easier access to the garage. The siren is activated, it is send an SMS message about the disruption and there will be a call to pre-programmed telephone numbers (SMS + Call can be combined, or sms or call only). All SMS contain detailed information about source and type of disruption, date and time. For easey communication it is possible to change texts, that alarm reports.

Then the alarm SMS can take the form: Our Octavia reports: trunk lid, disruption, time: 2:27:50, 10 May 2011

Immobilizer car circuit can be abort via an SMS instruction and prevent the use of the vehicle at the time when the keys have been stolen. Jablotron Athos 1802 car Alarm may be completed with Handsfree HF-03, which enables communication with the occupants in the vehicle. With the HF-03 you can call up to 4 pre-programmed numbers and receive calls from any phone number. It is possible to listen to what is happening in the vehicle at the alarm time. The alarm sent the SMS about the current state of the vehicle – lock, the key condition, etc. You can check the credit balance by using a prepaid SIM card. Jablotron Athos CA-1802 monitors and reports its battery discharge. It has its own backup power of BB-02, which in the case of main power failure or drop below the critical value will backup functions of the car (except the hooter). If you connect the handsfree HF-03 it is backed up also voice communications.

Jablotron Athos C-1802 car alarm has many optional features that can be programmed via SMS or via a protected GSMLink web site with passworded access.

Athos Jablotron CA-1802 car alarm is a guarantee of quality car security.

  • Warranty 5 years
  • Jablotron Athos CA-1802 price – 8.900, – CZK including installation and VAT

Jablotron Athos CA-1802 accessories

(prices include instalation and VAT)

  • CAN BUS MCB-01 – most new cars connection: 1190, – CZK
  • Reserve key case – driver: 300, – CZK
  • Locating SIM Card (central security desk): FREE
  • tilt sensor 1 050, – CZK
  • Microwave Sensor 990, – CZK
  • Ultrasonic sensors 800, – CZK
  • Glass break detector 1 450, – CZK
  • Hands Free for tapping: 1 590, – CZK
  • Motion detector 1 390, – CZK

Athos Jablotron CA-1802 user manual

Athos Jablotron CA-1803 – GPS – GSM alarm / pager. [cleaner]

Flagship Jablotron. GSM / GPS car alarm

  • Satellite Search with alarm and the possibility of the electronic route listings.
  • The system can locate your vehicle – can determine its position with an accuracy of 1 meter!

CA – 1803 ATHOS.[thickbox image]„:/wp-content/uploads/ca-1803.jpg

In addition to the CA-1802 functionality, the CA-1803BT „ATHOS“ GSM car alarm is equipped with an integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) module to provide information about car location with high precision. The CA-1803BT „ATHOS“ GSM car alarm provides car protection, immobilization, alarm reporting via GSM, car use supervision and a GPS module. The information includes longitude, latitude, altitude and velocity. The location can be obtained on an SMS request or via the GSMLink Internet page. The car alarm is capable of recording several thousand car locations. Records can be used for statistics about car use in the last few days or to create route listings.

Monitoring car use with Jablotron Athos 1803

This feature is available via the GSMLink web site. You can specify how frequently car locations should be recorded. The information, augmented with precise time and velocity data, can then be retrieved from the car alarm and displayed on a map. Stored records are overwritten, beginning from the oldest ones (optional).

Route listing with Jablotron Athos 1803

The Route listing service is designed for monitoring car journeys. This is especially suitable for supervising work journeys. Information about particular journeys can be automatically retrieved and then securely accessed via the Internet. You can get the information displayed either in text form or graphically on a map (the selected route is marked and the map area adjusted so that you can see the whole route from the start to the end). Finally, the information can be stored in a data file so that it can be further used for book-keeping purposes. The Route listing is a paid service – however, it is very affordable.

Navigation with Jablotron Athos 1803

The data about precise location is transmitted on the run (while the ignition key is turned on) from the GPS module using the car alarm Bluetooth module. The information can be received by a palmtop computer or a mobile phone running navigation software allowing you car journey navigation.

dálkového střežení REX

In order to acquire higher security assurance can be Jablotron AthosCA-1803 car alarm connect in the remote guard Rex or OKO2. Alarms from the vehicle in this case are also transmitted to the central security desk, which will provide action leading to the rescue vehicle in case of attack. After connecting to the system REX or OKO2 gains the customer major discounts at insurance and the ability to map the vehicle on the Internet. More information can be found at

We offer Jablotron Athos CA-1803 car alarm more cheaply without remote controler that are not needed if you have the original car remote control.

  • Warranty 5 years
  • Jablotron Athos CA-1803 price – 12 450, – CZK including installation and VAT

Jablotron Athos CA-1803 Accessories

(prices include fitting and VAT)

  • CAN BUS MCB-01 – connect most new cars: 1190, – CZK
  • Reserve key case – driver: 300, – CZK
  • Locating SIM Card (central security desk): FREE
  • Tilt sensor 1 050, – CZK
  • Microwave Sensor 990, – CZK
  • Ultrasonic sensors 800, – CZK
  • Glass break detector 1 450, – CZK
  • Hands Free for tapping: 1 590, – CZK
  • Motion detector 1 390, – CZK

Jablotron Athos CA-1803 user manual

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