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Alarmy Keetec

KEETEC car alarm TS 6000


Two-way car alarm with LCD pager. It includes full safety equipment as well as several comfortable features. LCD display with backlit remote control provides continuous monitoring of your car up to 2000m with. Built-in pager displays the vehicle disruption cause.
You can control the system from the original handler using the CAN Bus CAN module M. The TS 6000 type has a number user friendly functions:

  • monitoring doors, boot and bonnet
  • mute or loud switch-on
  • car-search
  • alarm PANIC
  • anti hijacking system
  • electric windows draw closing
  • locking after the ignition
  • reminds turning on the system
  • automatic reactivation after shutdown and not open the door

automatic system activation after closing the last door,
deactivation if the door is open

Alarm Keetec TS 6000
  • emergency system deactivation
  • remote boot opening
  • shutting down the remote sensor with control
  • Handler range: 250 m
  • Pager Range: up to 2000 m (range in free space)
  • Alarm Duration: 30s
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Car alarm KEETEC – TS 6000 price includes installation and VAT: 6 290, – CZK
  • Car alarm KEETEC TS 6000 with CAN BUS price with installation and VAT: 7 290, – CZK

KEETEC TS 8000 car alarm


2-Way car alarm KEETEC TS 8000 with CAN BUS connection possibility and remote start. The system has a full car security with many user´s functions. Well-arranged illuminated LCD display provides vehicle control to the distance 2000m. Built-in pager shows a causality of vehicle violation. The system is possible to control by original transmitters of vehicle at using CAN BUS module M CAN.version KEETEC TS 8000 CAN – with direct CAN BUS connection (with M CAN module). This type has a number user friendly functions:

  • doors, trunk and hood sensing
  • hopping code of second generation
  • alternator, RPM and noise sensing for remote start
  • direct CAN BUS connection /by M CAN module/
  • car alarm control by original transmitter of vehicle possibility
  • 2000 m pager range
  • for vehicles with manual and automatic gear
  • engine-cut output – engine blocking
  • 2-stage shock sensor
  • anti-hijack
  • central lock control
  • not activated system at wrong door closing
  • last door arming
  • power windows closing
  • additional power outputs
  • sequetial output for optical alerting
  • long unlocking pulse for windows closing
  • duration setting of lock/unlock pulse
  • electric/pneumatic control of central lock
  • duration setting of mode „turbo protection“
  • PANIC alarm
  • PIN code by activation
  • car search
  • boot opening
  • handbrake senzor
  • Handler range: 250 m
  • Pager Range: up to 2000 m (range in free space)
  • Alarm Duration: 30s
  • 3 years warranty
  • Car alarm KEETEC – 8000 price with installation and VAT: 7 590, – CZK
  • Car alarm KEETEC TS 8000 CAN BUS price with installation and VAT: 8 590, – CZK.

Accessories to KEETEC alarms

(prices include installation and VAT)

  • tilt sensor 1 050, – CZK
  • Microwave Sensor 990, – CZK
  • Ultrasonic sensors 800, – CZK

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