Hidden switch

Hidden Switch – standard

Tajný vypínač

A reliable and cheapest version of disconnection the electrics to ignition, is made by safety relay. Possibility to block for example the starter, ignition or electric pump.

Secret, hidden switch is recommended as a supplement to the already existing security such as a gearshift lock Defend Lock Defend Hook, Construct or car alarm. The factory immobilizer made as a serial security is not difficult for thieves. A hidden switch is reliable alternative bar against car theft.

  • Price: 700, – CZK including VAT and installation.

Hidden Switch – Luxury – a combination of original buttons

Varianta zapojení do originál přepínačů

This version of shutting off the elektrical input to ignition is a combination of several orginal switches before the starting – for example if you want to start the vehicle, for example, you may first need to turn on fog lights, shift into reverse and turn on the heating window switch. There are varios possibilities of wiring combinations, we can use lights switches – dim, parking and long distance lights, wipers, heater, fan heater or blocking the start by turning on the car radio.

The possibility to block for example a starter, engine electronic, ignition or electric pump.

  • The combination of one switch – Price: 1.500, – CZK including installation and VAT
  • Combinations of two switches – Price: 2.000, – CZK including installation and VAT
  • A combination of three options – Price: 2.500, – CZK including installation and VAT
  • The combination of more switches: price according to complexity of wiring.