Hands-free sets

We offer hands-free sets:


Bluetooth hands-free set can be installed in all types of vehicles, you only need a phone with built-in Bluetooth. Bluetooth sets allow the user a wide selection of phones from different brands and sizes, require no holder, enabling voice dialing hundreds of phone numbers on one phone and allow you to connect to the car audio system.


During the conneciton of hands-free set and a mobile phone attends a synchronization of the telephone directories of both devices. If the hands-free set has a display, then displays the incoming dialed number or name, and a number can be selected using the letters from the phone book. The control panel activates the handsfree and ends calls, activate voice dialing, allows you to redial. The range of functions is dependent on the type of phone and its capabilities. Range of hands-free sets is about 6 meters.

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