Hands-free MR.Hands-free

MR.Handfree Hands-free set – BC 6000

MR.Handsfree BC600

is a Bluetooth hands-free car set, is used for comfortable calls and listening to music with following features:

  • = multipoint connection and use of two mobile phones at the same time (connected mobile phones must support this feature)
  • Small devices facilitate the emplacement in the vehicle
  • Suitable for use on all mobile phones with Bluetooth
  • The possibility of receiving, denial of new call during a running call.
  • Switching between multiple calls, holding received call
  • Voice dialing (the phone has to support this function)
  • Mute the microphone during a call
  • Full duplex communication
  • DSP ​​technology for echo and noise reduction
  • Adjustable volume and microphone sensitivity
  • The possibility of pairing with up to 8 devices
  • Play music from any Bluetooth compatible device – Stereo A2DP
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

Producer: TE-Group, Belgium

  • Price: 3400, – CZK including installation and VAT

Hands-free set MR.Handsfree BC 9000 m

Mr.Handsfree BC9000
MR.Handsfree BC ® 9000 is a Bluetooth hands-free car set with a color TFT display, is used for comfortable and safe calls and listening to music with following features:

  • Multipoint – connection and use of two mobile phones at the same time (connected mobile phones must support this feature)
  • TFT color display with adjustable background color
  • Customize the background to the personal image or logo of the vehicle
  • software to adjust the background TFT color display
  • Voice recognition technology – to recieving or denial an incoming call. This feature is optional.
  • Innovative technology Extreme Audio Technology TM
  • High quality sound – New Full Duplex – DSP Technology with ANR function
  • Plays music and calls through speakers embedded in the vehicle
  • Plays music from any bluetooth compatible device – stereo A2DP
  • Dedicated music control buttons on the handsfree kit
  • Automatic phonebook synchronization
  • Phonebook for up to 4000 contacts (1000/phone)
  • Patented SIM card reader to copy the phonebook
  • Voice dialing (if they support a cellular phone), redial the phone number, mute
  • Possibility of a new call during an running call
  • Ability to pair 4 mobile phones


  • User Interface: – Full graphic TFT display
  • 3 buttons for controlling music playback
  • 2 buttons for call handling
  • 1 rotary and 1 push button
  • Display size: 63×56×14 mm
  • Color version: Black
  • Sound Quality: Full duplex, DSP technology, noise and echo cancellation
  • Microphone: External with adjustable sensitivity
  • Amplifier: Digital Class – D 20W
  • ISO Connector
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth ® 2.1 + EDR specification
  • Supported profiles: Handsfree, Headset, A2DP, AVRCP, OPP, PBAP

Producer: TE-Group, Belgie

  • Price: 5 550, – CZK including installation and VAT

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