Windscreen coding

Sandblasting (etching) windshields with unique code registered in the TOPRA Car database

  • coding is possible with your unique code, that you can choose, or with the VIN code
  • the code may include from 7 to 17 characters
  • your code to 15 characters example: HONEY-AUDI-2011
  • VIN code example: TMBGL21U1Y1234567
Windscreen coding

Which code label to choose and other questions

What is a VIN number?

Number of body internationally known as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique global identifier of the vehicle. It also contains much information about the vehicle, the type of engine, body type, transmission and the serial number.

Pro and con at VIN code marking

Pro: The marking on all glasses of the vehicle ensures that the police or the public can clearly identify a vehicle at any time, even if it is locked – most vehicles have the VIN code already visible at the windscreen. The thief also needs to replace all windows in case he decides to replace the vehicle identity – to change VIN numbers.
Con: Any thief, with a good knowledge, can programm according to the VIN code a key to the car or create a controller with unlocked original Immobiliser, or he can decrypt exactly what the car has, that is often commonly unidentifiable information, such as the swept volume or vehicle equipment (ABS , ESP), etc.
If you choose to cover the VIN code on your vehicle, mark the glass with your own code. In case of car theft you can simply report it to the police for easier traceability of your car.

Why don’t thieves like marked glasses?

The thief must change the identity of the vehicle after the theft , also the marked windshields. Changing the code on sanroof is almost insoluble problem.

Are there any insurance allowances?

Yes. The insurance companies give an allowance on marked vehicles, but there are individual conditions under which insurance companies give allowances. Contact the insurance companies.

Windscreen coding pricelist, including installation

Initial price includes storing in the TOPRA car database and already includes 21% VAT .
Valid from January 17, 2011 until cancelled.

Table price for one vehicle marking
from 6 to 10pcs windows (front, rear, 4 to 8 pieces side) 1190, – CZK
12pcs windows (front, rear, 10 pieces side) 1.390, – CZK
Self application pack – including etching paste, applicator and instructions, 10pcs patterns 499,– CZK
We send cash on delivery. Price of postage or PPL 107, – CZK

Do not forget at order!

  • your unique code that you desire, or the VIN code copied from the vehicle (it is given in small technical pass)
  • the code may include at least 7 characters and a maximum of 17 characters
  • Example – 15 Character: HONEY-AUDI-2011


  • used to indicate the vehicle identification number of the vehicle body – VIN ID = clearly describes the identity of the vehicle, always contains 17 alphanumeric characters
  • must be ordered production of templates according to specific vehicle VIN – delivered within 3 working days
  • The set contains 10 templates for sandblasting 10 windows
  • Marking includes of sandblasting external identifying marks on windscreens, posting two OCIS adhesive labels, exposing Certificate of registration the data to the OCIS system (format – Certificate) and identity cards OCIS

The OCIS system goal is to reduce the number of stolen vehicles, to find these stolen vehicles and return them to their original owners. Vehicle Registration System OCIS offers the vehicle owner OCIS HelpDesk service in case of theft. These services include for example transport of found vehicle from abroad. The transport price of stolen vehicles, found outside the country, is often so expensive that many motorists disables return of the vehicle. Already this vehicle trasportation back to CR is fully paid by the company Cebia CR, Ltd.

  • Set Cebia EUROVIN 1 680, – CZK.
Cebia eurovin set