ONI system

ONI system – electronic surveillance of your car

Maximal vehicle security

System and services ONI Monitoring plus and ONI Surveillence are currently on the market leader of on-line monitoring. They are best in the quality and offer and operational costs.

Why is ONI system so special

The system ONI Surveillence contains a radio transmitter to trace the vehicle. So in the case of vehicle theft, the car could be found with GPS and GSM thanks to this transmitter, which could not be hampered.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year are your objects wathed in control centers at 49 security agencies in the country.
It is sent one of more than 150 emergency vehicles to the locacion, in case of an attack of your car.

For whom is the ONI system suitable?

For users who want maximum overview of the current position, history of the movement of their vehicles and want to reduce operating costs and simplify administration – each user of ONI Service will automatically obtain tracking software Journey book XP for vehicles registered in the ONI System. ONI Service can offer the only true on-line monitoring of all your vehicles at once!

The advantages of the ONI system

  1. Easy access to vehicle information via Internet or mobile phone
  2. Extremely low cost (vehicle set at CZK 1-on payments, applications and maps for free!)
  3. Extremely low operating costs (from 200 CZK / month)
  4. Quick return on investment (within a few months)
  5. Perfect control of vehicles, drivers (identification, driving animation, connecting Garmin)
  6. Reducing operating costs of vehicles (on average by 20%!)
  7. Journey book easy creation

ONI system offers 3 levels:

1. ONI Surveillance
Service ONI Surveillance is one of the most advanced vehicle security options. Unlike conventional systems on the market offers both GSM / GPS monitoring, but also the possibility of an additional search of the vehicle via radio signals. The chance of tracing the vehicle is very high even in the case of disturbance.
The system is composed of parts: GSM + GPS + accelerometer + radio transmitter.

2. ONI Monitoring Plus
Complete an On-line vehicle tracking and fleet management. It is of course monitoring the movement of vehicles displaying the vehicle position on the map, and it generates the journey book automaticly. Service ONI Monitoring Plus can record the daily operation of vehicle handling and notify the occurrences to designated persons.
The system is composed of parts: GSM + GPS + accelerometer.

3. ONI Monitoring
Complete an On-line vehicle tracking and fleet management. The system allows monitoring of vehicle movements to view vehicle location on the map and automatically generating the journey book.
The system is composed of parts: GSM + GPS.

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